Monday, April 03, 2006

Just starting

Hello everyone. I went a little crazy last week and decided in a matter of a day that I want to knit this sweater. So I bought some Cascade 220 in color #9448 which is a Dark Olive and casted on this weekend. Here is my question...does it really only take 4 skeins? That seems like a very small amount of yarn for a long sleeve sweater. Here is a small peek at the progress I made:

I totally read the pattern wrong and had to frog and restart about 5 or 6 times which made me feel very dumb. The chart just was not clear to me--I was not counting the purl rows as a part of the chart so my cables were elongated. I now have it all figured out and so hopefully I can continue on without too much drama. I am making the alterations that most of you are making to the sleeves and will surely add some overall length. The pattern is fun to knit and I love the feel of the garment so far. I have enjoyed watching everyone's progress here and look forward to seeing some FO's.


Blogger dlittlegarden said...

Erin, I did the same thing! I just started a blog and will be posting on this KAL later tonight.

4:53 PM

Blogger String Bean said...

It seems like almost everyone is using a green of some sort. I love the dark olive you're using.
If you're going to make alterations like lengthening the body, you might want to buy an extra skein of yarn so you don't run out. I don't remember how many skeins I have for mine because the yarn I'm using wasn't originally intended for Forecast. Around my house it's known as The Curse of The Green Yarn (I made three sweaters out of it and had to frog them all!).

12:38 PM

Blogger The Skirt said...

I did the same thing with the cables - and about the same amount of times, if not more! Those pesky charts make it confusing if you're not accustomed to them.

I wondered the same thing about the yarn - I'm 8 rows into the body ribbing, and with just over 8 balls of wool left, I think I'll skip off to the wool shop this weekend to get a few extra.

2:08 PM


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