Thursday, April 27, 2006

Upper body done

So this is what I have completed so far...

I decided to increase the length of the upper body and added two extra cable repeats. I am also going to knit the ribbing a little longer too--I guess until I am happy with the length. It is kind of depressing to knit this sweater right now since I know it will be too hot to wear it when I am done and my color is SO fall. But I love knitting it and so I am going to keep going. The texture of the sweater just makes this so fun to watch grow. I am also enjoying knitting from the top down so I can try it on. I love me some Forecast. The only thing I am a little nervous about is it fitting in the bust area. I haven't yet been able to pull it together because of the circular needle stuck in the bottom so while I know I can put it on and that it seems to fit well in the back and armholes, I am holding my breath for it to button.


Blogger Cirilia said...

Slip some of the front stitches to another circular needle so that you can stretch it out and see if the fronts meet. Then let us know if it worked!

1:03 PM


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