Saturday, February 18, 2006

the beginnings

mirrored cables! *swoon*

the color of 'ancient fern' is hard to describe (and even harder to photograph), but imagine blending dark chocolate, concentrated raspberry puree, and avocado + cilantro...


Blogger String Bean said...

I love that color, you can just see the raspberry and green colors. Beeeautiful! I can't believe you got so far in such a short time. Are you JUST working on the sweater or are you like me and have 4 (billion) other projects going?

12:50 PM

Blogger christine said...

hi string bean! thanks -- the kpixie gals were really helpful. i was hmming and hawing between ancient fern and sheplova mushroom peace fleece, and they're like, 'pick the fern. it has more depth. you'll like it better, trust us.' and so i took their advice!

i am learning that if i have 4 billion (plus one) projects, i never get anything done, so i think (for now) i am trying to actively do one at a time versus spreading myself thin. i do have some socks on the wayside which are there just for moral support. :)

i'm loving the forecast party... is there anyone else out there doing it besides the 3 of us KALers and winnie and pinku? the more the merrier!

3:33 PM


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