Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not Just a Sweater

I feel a little guilty. I wish I could just work on the sweater, but I'm also trying to hurriedly finish a pair of socks for my best friend's birthday. She has extremely long feet so it's slow going even though the foot is all St st.
I am still working on the raglan increasing. I think this will take awhile because I have swimmer's shoulders. I wish they would leave so I could have nice, thin, easy-to-knit-for-shoulders and arms. Bye-bye buffness. I do love knitting this sweater though. I'm getting addicted to bobbles. While I work on Forecast I think of a million other things I could knit with bobbles. Gloves, socks, fun underwear, earmuffs, another Forecast...


Blogger christine said...

happy bday to your friend!

and no guilt necessary -- take your time!

i would take buff shoulders over flabby biceps anytime... swimmers are superfit...

if you're in the mood for bobbles, check this free pattern on elann: superbobbly gedifra sweater!

cheers, christine

1:19 AM

Blogger Kim Werker said...

You're loving the bobbles, eh? I admit I don't hate them as much as I did when I started, but I don't think I'll gravitate to them in the future!

2:10 PM


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