Monday, February 20, 2006

past the blast yoke

peek! say hello to my arms! as you can see, the yoke seems to be fitting quite well around my neck. i think/hope the cardigan will button up fine along the front with the picked-up band; right now the tips of my (24"? 29"?) needles are buried under my arms, so there's still fabric that's bunched around the circular cord.

after i took this picture (yay for self-timer), i inspected it and thought, 'hey, that looks a little funny.' turns out i was modeling it inside out!

ahh, there we go. much better.

such are the wonders of garter stitch.

update: i fixed the levels on the photos. should be a little more clear.


Blogger String Bean said...

You goofball...inside out...

11:31 AM

Blogger Kim Werker said...

Christine, it looks amazing! I'm almost at the same spot -- I'm about to knit the last row before splitting off the sleeve stitches. I can't wait to try it on, and for my knitting speed to pick up again without those pesky sleeve stitches to slow me down.

2:11 PM

Blogger christine said...

hey string + kim -- thanks so much! i probably got a good running start and wont be able to knit quite so much after this weekend. it goes loads faster (2x) after the sleeve stitches are put on hold.

i am also praying that it ends up fitting over my boobs when all is said and done. i measured my garter gauge (now, right?) and i'm about 14sts / 15 sts = 4". (it's inexact and squishy.) i know this wool will block really well, so i think i have some wiggle room (pun intended).

looking at these pictures, i do have one option: i could just stop now, polish up some edgings, and don a OSW ;)

2:23 PM


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