Saturday, September 02, 2006

So close!

But the last bit of sleeves are just going so so SO SLOW!
Also, I'm very worried about the size. I think it's going to be a bit too small across my chest. Has anyone had to add extra rows onto the button band??
I do like how it looks so far and have decided that this will be my holiday sweater this year. So I better be invited to lots and lots of parties! Because I do think that if I can make this fit it's going to look GREAT!


Blogger The Skirt said...

I was worried about the fit too - but a bit of judicious blocking solved it for me. It's still quite fitted, but you could block more aggressively if you wanted a roomier fit.

1:57 PM

Blogger rubyredruca said...

I love the color and was planning to make mine with the holidays in mind as well;)

4:45 PM

Anonymous Skylar said...

It's looking so good, Vick!

7:07 PM

Blogger dlittlegarden said...

I worried about the fit on my sweater, but blocking fixed all the issues, and the button band stretches and added just enough width in the chest.

9:35 AM

Blogger VickeryKnits said...

Thank you everyone for your comments--it gave me the courage to finish the sweater according to the pattern! Now all I need are buttons!

11:09 PM


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