Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just started

Hey there! I just cast on a few days ago with the cascade 220 tweed the pattern suggests. The yarn is lovely, so soft and springy for 100% wool. I've decided to make a size inbetween the small and the medium, as have other fellow KAL-ers done. I've found it to knit up pretty quick but I've hit a bit of a wall the last day or two because I've had to experiment around where you create the armholes so as I don't cut off circulation to my arms. Did anyone else have to increase their rows before they created the arms and if so by how much? I think I'm going to have to add about 3 pattern repeats! It sounds like a lot but then again I am a tight knitter so my rows may be off. Here are some progress shots...


Blogger dlittlegarden said...

Hi Anneke! I did knit the smallest size, but I did increase my rows (I think it was 8 extra) before separating for the armholes. Good luck. It looks terrific! What colorway are you using?

4:07 PM

Blogger The Skirt said...

That is a beautiful colour!

5:56 PM


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