Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hello Everyone!
This is my first knit-along!
I've so loved reading about your sweaters and watching everyone's progress that I decided to join-up when I cast-on even though I haven't blogged in months. This is my progress from last night, as well as my 3 and 5 stitch bobble swatch.
I've decided on the original 5-stitch bobble and I'm knitting with Cascade 220 in a creamy ivory shade poetically called No. 8010. I love the play of textures already, though I'm a bit worried about my increases. Is there a way to do a purl m1 that I don't know about or can't find in my admittedly brief reference book? I'm currently doing a regular knit m1.
I can't wait to get further into this great pattern!


Anonymous Erin said...

I am sure there is a m1 for the purl row but I don't know it off hand. Check out knittinghelp.com--it is an awesome site. Also, I love your ivory color. I think that will look awesome.

8:58 AM

Blogger The Skirt said...

I agree with erin - beautiful colour!

4:39 PM

Blogger Dharmafey said...

Being reckless, I would pick up the strand just like in a knit M1, twist it, and purl it. The twisted stitch is what prevents a hole in the knit M1... Maybe purl tbl would do it (through the back loops) I find it really awkward, but I can do it.

6:41 AM

Blogger dlittlegarden said...

Oh wow! I love that you're making your Forecast in ivory! How refreshing. =0)

10:55 AM


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