Monday, May 29, 2006


Forecast: back

Holy crap, guys, I'm done! I'm so happy with the way my Forecast turned out. The fit is snug (but I like it that way), the buttons I picked turned out great and the yarn got nice and soft after I washed it. I'll definitely be wearing this once fall comes back around (but not before then - I broke a sweat today just wearing it for the pictures!)

More pictures at my blog and my Flickr photostream!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Squirmy Cables

Hello! I'm very glad to join this knit-along!! I'm interested to see how the colors and other variations change the character of Japel's design. I love the spectrum I've seen here: the pallet of greens, sunny yellow, blues of all shades. I'm working with a blue-green New England Highland wool, a rather coarse and irregular yarn, which I can't seem to photograph with any fidelity. I misread the cable pattern upside-down and with fewer repeats. I'm not so sure that this was a happy accident, as the cable has an uncomfortably squirmy look, but I haven't the heart to frog at this stage. I hope I don't regret this! In any event, I look forward to reading about other people's Forecasts!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Almost at the finish line

The knitting is done, the buttons have been bought (and what a mission that was, let me tell you!), and now the seaming,sweing on buttons, and blocking are at hand.

I really, really hate the whole seaming thing. I know, it's only two sleeves, and it's my fault since I was too chicken to knit them in the round. But I still hate the seaming.

I'm not a big fan of blocking, either. The results are always worth the effort, but the smell of wet wool and the stress of trying to get the garment in the correct shape make a mess of me.

My Forecast definitely needs a bit of blocking, because it is quite... sproingy. And I guess a few days of a woolly-smelling apartment is a small price to pay for what will hopefully be a lovely warm garment. The weather has turned quite cold, so it will certainly be good timing!

Monday, May 01, 2006

If it weren't for frogging...

I'd be half-done by now! See this photo? My poor Forecast is only double that now, because I knit, ripped, knit, ripped, knit, ripped...oh, you get the idea. I settled on a 5-over-4 stockinette cable and a seed stitch body (instead of purled garter). Given current history with this sweater, all that may change by the next time I post! At least I've got the repeats memorized now: the bonus part of reknitting it so many times.