Thursday, February 07, 2008

After 2 Years: Finished

After two years (nearly to the week), I've finished my Forecast!

Forecast: Silly


Started: 11th February 2006 for the Knitting Olympics (remember those?)
Finished: 7th February 2008
Pattern: Forecast, by Stefanie Japel (Knitty, Winter 2005)
Yarn: Peace Fleece Worsted in Samantha-Katya Pink (this is my favourite yarn colour, ever. Read the story here.)
Needles: Size 8 and 9 Denise
Modifications: I worked 3-stitch bobbles instead of 5- and worked the sleeve ribbing from the elbows. Out of concern the armholes were a little too small, I crocheted a wee underarm gusset during seaming. I sewed the arms until about an inch remained, then I crocheted around the remaining opening and sewed it closed. I'm not convinced it was necessary, but there's the perfect amount of room in the pits.

Forecast: Back

This sweater involved a multitude of firsts for me. I had never cabled before (and haven't since, actually, though I plan to in a scarf I'm making for the man). I had never knitted bobbles before (and am now convinced bobble knitters are insane. Knitted bobbles flout the laws of all that is good about knitting. I'm tempted to make a t-shirt that says: Bobble knitters, crocheting will change your life). I'd never made a cardigan before, nor had I (consequently) ever knitted buttonholes. Again, crocheters have it made with buttonholes, though knitted ones flout no laws. Mine came out fine, but a little loose. I hear this is a drawback to the backward loop cast on. I'll likely sew the holes a bit to make them tighter. Lots of firsts.

Forecast, Blocking

The sweater fits pretty much perfectly. I prefer my sleeves a bit longer; the next time I wash it I might try to stretch them a bit in blocking. The collar is huge. This is a good lesson: Even if the pattern calls for starting with the collar, I will knit it last. I'm no longer intimidated by picking up stitches (the button bands beat that out of me, at long last), so this will be no problem. Yes, I feel myself growing as a knitter, becoming more comfortable modifying patterns (my knitting self and crocheting self at times seem like two different people). I can't say I anticipate I'll wear this sweater too much; a looser-fitting cardigan is more my thing. But I love this sweater mostly for having made it at all. Oh, yes. It is love.

Forecast: Fin

Peace, man.

Forecast: Peace, man.

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Blogger Eliza said...

this looks FANTASTIC!! I don't know how you can take it off. Congratulations on finishing it!!

8:17 PM

Blogger String Bean said...

It looks great on you! Never take it off (except for the occasional washing).

You're right, bobble-knitters are insane.

9:01 PM


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