Friday, October 19, 2007

the beginnings of a Forecast


I'm a little late to the game, but I just discovered Forecast and I've just started knitting it. I'm planning on using the usual alterations (ending the cables at the elbow, 3 stitch bobbles) and I'm aiming for a 34" chest. The yarn I'm using is Cascade 220 Heathers. It's the first time I've used it and so far I'm liking it. (I'm really liking the color.)

Here's a photo of how it's going:

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Blogger The Happy College Knitter said...

It looks lovely so far--The orange is very vibrant and perfect for fall. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

5:22 AM

Blogger dlittlegarden said...

Fantastic color! I'm almost tempted to knit a third - I really love this pattern and think it's great that the KAL is still going strong.

10:19 AM

Blogger Tusa said...

Welcome! I have been knitting mine on and off since December last year and I am still enjoying it. I chose heathers too. Looking forward to your finished product.

2:14 AM

Blogger Mel said...

It's never too late! I'll read your posts....I just started working on mine again after it laid dormant for the summer.

That's a great color! I'm using a Cascade Heather too, in green.

2:58 PM

Blogger Eliza said...

Thanks for the warm welcome!! I look forward to seeing all of your work as well! :)

1:52 PM


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