Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm pleased enough with the rear view.... However, looking at it from the front, I'm getting the impression.....
it's a bit snug. And not in a good way. I know blocking will help, and I haven't added the button bands yet, but I still feel like it might pull between buttons. My question is this: Should I entertain the idea of adding a couple of rows to the button bands for x-tra width? Did anyone try this? Thanks for your ideas!


Blogger SJ said...

I did add several rows to the button bands because I was concerned about the same thing. I worked them so that they looked like the other horizontal reverse stockinette "stripes" in the sweater. A pretty severe blocking does help a lot, too.

Your sweater is looking really nice -- great color choice!

4:24 PM

Blogger rachel iufer said...

mine looked like that too but a good blocking did the trick! it fits perfectly now.

9:48 AM

Blogger Eliza said...

I actually think you might get away with the button band that's in the pattern. I love the color! It looks really great!

9:03 AM


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