Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love knitting from the top down

Forecast, Day 12Well, kids, the jury's out on whether I'll be able to finish the body in time for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm guardedly optimistic. As you can see, I've put the sleeve stiches on holders, so my progress has definitely picked up a bit. I have a couple more hours to go until I begin the ribbing; then my pace should really quicken. Any hopes I'd had in the beginning that I would surpass my goal of just finishing the body have been smacked back down to reality. I'm going to have to set aside a lot of time for knitting in the next few days...

I had been wondering about my bobbles from the beginning. They didn't look too great. Then I realized a few rows ago that they stick out much more prominently if you hold them to the front of your work when you knit the next stitch. Shoulda been obvious to me from the get-go, but I'm glad it finally dawned on me. Does anyone have a tip on how to pop the bobbles through to the front so they look nice and... bobbly?


Blogger String Bean said...

I believe you should always hold them to the front of your work. ;D Not that I'm a bobble expert or anything. That way you can knit the next stitch tighter and your bobbles will "boiing".

If you made the smaller ones you should be able to push and poke them through. It might take a few jabs from a tapestry needle, but you should be able to do it. They may still look flat since the stitch next to the bobble won't be as tight. If this really bothers you...I guess you could spread out your stitches a bit, y'know, loosen the stitch next to the loose bobbly stitch and so on and so forth until it looks a little better.

Good luck!

4:52 PM

Blogger Kim Werker said...


Yes, my "new" bobbles look awesome. The "old" ones don't pop out as well. If it weren't the Knitting Olympics, and if I were more of a perfectionist, I'd be tempted to rip it all out and do it all right. But I'm more excited about just finishing, and I really love it so far. So I'll settle for 1/2 good bobbles and 1/2 not-so-good bobbles. :)

11:41 PM


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