Monday, April 24, 2006

a finished forecast

So here she is in all her Cascade 220 glory. As you can tell, my cables are just a wee bit different. See, I read the cable chart wrong and didn't realize until a few repeats in. But I kinda liked that it was less busy and pushed forward.

More pics and commentary over at m'blog.


Blogger The Skirt said...

What a beautiful colour, and how stunning! I like your cable variation too.

2:36 PM

Blogger String Bean said...

Hurrah! I like your cables, too!

3:33 PM

Blogger String Bean said...

Will you take a closeup pic of the buttons for us? I can't see them very well in your pictures.

3:35 PM

Blogger knittinmomof2 (Heidi) said...

That is beautiful! I'm so jealous! What a great job. You have completely motivated me-I haven't touched my forecast since I realized how much I screwed it up (see my previous post). Congrats on a beautiful piece!

10:52 AM

Blogger Kim Werker said...

It's fabulous!

9:27 AM


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