Wednesday, February 21, 2007

pine green forecast

Hello everyone! Just joining in now, after a great bout of cabin fever pushed me to start a sweater (slightly extended version of the saga on my blog).

I'm mostly finished with the yoke, but as it's still scrunched up on the circular needle, it can't fit around my own shoulders for a photos. My dog (husky/yellow lab mix to give you a sense of scale) reluctantly stepped in to model:

I'm using a slighty coarse worsted wool that I bought from a farmers' market here in Vermont, in a dark pine green. Here are my early tinkerings with the pattern:
-I needed to go up to a size 8 needle to avoid a stiff fabric.
-I've swapped a horseshoe cable for the bobbled cable.
-I'm knitting every row instead of purling (has anyone else done this? I haven't read about it, but it's much faster for me!)

It's been incredibly helpful to read through all the earlier posts. Glad to be here!


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