Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Frog green forecast

I have had a few ups and downs with Forecast since starting two weeks ago - firstly, I started knitting on 3.75mm circulars, thinking the difference in gauge wouldn't be too significant. The neck has turned out perfectly so I'm very happy with it. I knitted a few repeats of the yoke using the recommended 4.5mm needles, but after checking gauge, it was definitely turning out too small so I switched to 5mm needles. Even then, my gauge was STILL off so I have been knitting the medium size. I also found, like some other people, that if I had divided the sleeves where the pattern suggests I would have cut off the circulation in my arms so I knit quite a few extra rows (without increasing) before dividing.

Then, after knitting a few repeats of the body it was still a bit small so I decided to increase 2 stitches either side of the front for the next 3 'right side' rows. I was on my way to work so for some insane reason I decided to invent an increase method! Not only was it really awkward and difficult to do, it also disrupted the nice garter stitch pattern but I carried on knitting (another 2 repeats) before admitting to myself it looked terrible and frogging back. I have about 1 and a half repeats left before switching to ribbing.


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