Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oops! Didn't read carefully

Yesterday I started knitting the sleeves using double pointed needles. After a couple of rounds I noticed my gauge was really off. (see picture below) I instantly thought because I change from knitting with circular needles to double pointed that it caused my gauge to change.
So I went to my local knit shop to buy the next size bigger double pointed needles (US9). At the knit shop, the owner as she was admiring my sweater pointed out to me that I was doing wrong. She showed me that I had reverse stockinette going on in the sleeve and that is why my gauge was so off. (remember the sweater is suppose to have the garter stitch bumps on both the inside and outside) When you convert a flat pattern to knitting in the round you are suppose to change the wrong side stitches from knits to purls and also the purls to knits. It even reminds you to do this in the Forecast pattern if you switch to knitting with double pointed needles! I had only followed this advice for the 9 stitches making up the cable section. Oh well... So I frogged it and started the sleeves again. Below you can see my gauge with the sleeve now matches the rest of the sweater. Didn't need to change needle size. Just follow the directions more carefully :) The picture above shows the true color of the sweater the best (less glare).



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