Friday, February 24, 2006

At last!

I put the sleeves on waste yarn last night (actually very early this morning) and knit about an inch below the arms. Hooray! It took me 7 cable repeats before I could fit the sweater over my shoulders. Take that, beastly body parts! I'm surprised at how much faster it's going. Amazing! My parents get back from Florida today - with the camera. I will take tons of sweater pictures - maybe even some inside out. :D

After seeing the Chocolate Fashion Show posts on Christine's blog I have to have some chocolate. I'll have to take a trip to World Market and pick up a Ritter Sport bar (or two?). Yummy. I love the biscuit one the best. Mmmm-mmmm...


Blogger christine said...

oh man.

interactive chocolate. mouse-over central.

plus, this cute gem:

...the unique, handy snap-open-pack. This means you can easily snap open your Ritter Sport any time, any place - and it’s just as easy to reseal it, although real chocoholics might find the latter rather difficult to do.

11:46 AM

Blogger Kim Werker said...

Hazelnut. Yum.

I can't wait to see your pics! I've got a couple more rows before the ribbing. Whee!

3:15 PM


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