Sunday, February 26, 2006

Body, done.

Gold!I bound off the last stitch of the body a few minutes after the Olympic flag was handed over to the mayor of my fabulous city for the 2010 games, during the live broadcast of the Closing Ceremonies around a quarter to 1, PST. There was a hairy bit there, when I realized I needed to wind up a new ball of yarn a mere four rows from finish, but I did it. Gold!

I added 2 extra rows of ribbing because I got a little worried that I'd have to block it too much to make it long enough. I'm sure it was silly, but I'm also sure those 2 rows won't hurt. I'm gonna take a day or two off to give myself a break after the feverish knitting of the last couple of days, but I'm really looking forward to finishing this puppy.


Blogger String Bean said...

*shakes fist*

7:12 PM


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