Friday, March 10, 2006


Hello everyone,
I haven't started my Forecast yet, but I hope to cast on in the next week or so. I'll be doing it in Cascade 220 in the color 2452. (Kind of a fern color in the "heathers" collection). I'm planning to do a lot of the mods like longer ribbing on the torso and sleeves. I'm debating between 3 stitch bobbles and no bobbles. I am new at the blog/post thing, so I may have to ask stupid questions about attaching pictures as I get going.

I'm in Olympia, WA and have two at home (3 years old) and one in school (6 years old). My husband works for a local airline so he's gone a lot. This actually works out great because I can spread out my knitting and watch what I want on tv when he's gone! Looking forward to seeing all of the finished projects!!



Blogger String Bean said...

You live in Oly, too? Do you shop at Canvas Works? Maybe we've seen each other and not even known it!

12:11 PM

Blogger knittinmomof2 (Heidi) said...

I live in Oly! :) Near the Briggs YMCA and I shop at Canvas Works waaaaaay too much. In fact, was just there this morning! :) Trying to get to the Monday night KAL's there, but can't ever find a sitter. Did you enjoy our great weather yesterday?!? :)

3:15 PM


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