Friday, March 03, 2006

First Post: A Question of Ease

Hello there! This is my first post to the knitalong... it's so great to have company, isn't it? I'm Jessica, and my blog is Fig and Plum. The yarn I'm using, Beaverslide Worsted Weight in a saturated emerald green, arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to start swatching!

Here's the yarn (the color is hard to photograph, so I fiddled with it in Photoshop a bit to get it close, but it's still not bright enough really):

beaverslide meadow

And here's a horrible shot of the swatch (my first bobbles! They're 3-stitch rather than 5-stitch):

forecast swatch

My first query for you is on sizing. My chest measures just about exactly 32.5" (see, we're getting personal right off the bat!), which would mean size S would have 0 ease. That seems tight for a thickish sweater. But the M is 36.5", which seems too loose with 3" of ease. So here are my questions for you:

How much ease are you building into your Forecast?
If I have to go for an "in between" size, is the best thing to do to go up a needle size?
Is there some other easier way of altering the pattern to get a few additional stitches here and there?

Thanks, and looking forward to knitting along!


Blogger String Bean said...

The pattern worked out pretty well for me. I'm knitting the large (39.5"), but my bust measurement is 39". I've got 1/2" of ease right there...not a whole lot, but enough. Since your bust is the same as the measurement you may want to use a needle 1 size up. Use six and eight instead of five and seven. Unless, of course, you want to show off your bosoms.

(I deleted my first comment because I had a moment of complete stupidity.)

10:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted this in your blog as well, but thought I might as well post here too.

Very coincidently (eerie) - I am at the exact same point with forecast as well. With the same bust measurement as you. I think I'm going to go with the 3st bobbles like winnie as well.

I figured out the modifications for a size in between S and M (I hope). I basically took the average of the instructions for S and M - it seems to work out math wise for the ribbing on the border.

For instance:

After row 21 is finished I changed it to -
"Repeat these two rows 18 times more. 238 stitches"
Then I changed -
Divide sleeves and body: next 51 sts on next 51 sts on holder...P34...136 sts on needle.

9:12 AM

Blogger String Bean said...

You're a genius. I'm going to use your averaging method for a sweater I'm going to knit for my dad. He falls in between a medium and a large. You've saved him from having an overly large sweater (or a skimpy tight one)! HipHipHooray! Three cheers for Moe!

11:00 PM


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