Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi everyone, my name is Cirilia. I work at Webs in Northampton, Massachusetts and I cast on for Forecast despite having several work knitting deadlines looming and an unfinished belated birthday Aran for the boyfriend (holy alliteration, Batman).

I have been watching the 1995 (BBC mini-series) version of Pride and Prejudice and I have an immese desire to recreate this look:

Classic Elite Skye Tweed is on sale at Webs and I have set aside the perfect orange. Bonus, this fits into Project Spectrum! I'm planning to use most of Winnie's modifications which seem good for a long torsoed girl, and most likely a different cable insert. I like the bobbles, but I had a really good time hitting the Barbara Walkers to see what would fit into a 9 stitch panel! All I can say is, I'm pretty stoked. I feel like a Jane Austen fan shouldn't use words like "stoked", but whatever, I do what I want!

I am teaching a top-down sweater class right now and I hope I can have this done by the last class meeting so the students can see one of the amazing looks you can get with top-down knitting. Stefanie Japel is our generation's Elizabeth Zimmerman/Barbara Walker caliber knitting dynamo, in my opinion.

Progress pics soon,



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