Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Forecast, Day 10

Hi, I'm Kelly...I'm new here! Let me just tell you that I was super excited to see this knitalong--I found it on Craftster when I was looking for picture of the lovely Forecast...where I found the so-more-creative-than-me ideas for how to work the pattern into something that will suit my style.

Then it got even better. I got to drool over completed (beautiful!) projects AND someone linked to a blog that explained BEAUTIFULLY how to make the no-turn bobble! OH THE JOY! Several repeats through, I found myself thinking that there MUST be a better and less annoying way to make a bobble. Thank you so much to both the mentioner and the creator of the instructions! SOOO very helpful!

10 days in...I've been pretty faithful to this project, and up until now, I've really only been making small projects appropriate for my attention span...save for one sad and unworn basic sweater.

My apologies for the lack of light...it's a dark blue yarn with fun colored flecks. My mom had it, it's wool-ease. Hey, it was free, and I like the little bits of color! You probably can't tell, but I'm just a couple of inches away from starting the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater body. I wanted to get some sort of picture up tonight and hopefully get a better one up soon! You probably also can't see some wonkiness in the collar...not sure how that's going to turn out, but I'm willing to wait and see...

Thanks for letting me play along!!


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