Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Forecast premiére at the Art Gallery

This Sunday was the premiére for my Forecast in public. Family headed off for Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden, to meet up with some friends at the yearly art exhibition Vårsalongen at Liljevalch Konsthall and for some lunch afterwards at Blå Porten. The cardi received many compliments from the friends.

Saturday evening I had finished the last bits and pieces ... and uh, how boring that was. I had feared that the button and buttonhole bands would be causing problems, which they also did. Now I'm not completely satisfied with these, but they aren't so bad that I would care to reknit them. They are a little loose at a few places, though you can hardly see it. Only fix I did in the end was to to tighten up the buttonholes.

Overall I'm really happy with this cardi, and it will definitely be worne a lot! It is the perfect day-trip-cardi especially to draugthty museums and chilly cafées, as it's really comfy and warming. I used approximately 4.5 skeins á 100g Rowanspun Aran in the colour Heath. Find more pictures at my blog mamatherapy.


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