Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two steps back

I had a minor set back today. I was done with the stockinette on the bottom as well as one side of the button band when I realized I didn't like the fit of the sweater. The ribbing part was too short. So I ripped back to the ribbing and will add about 2 inches. Oh well, I guess it is worth it. I have seen so many cute versions of this sweater on this blog that I just want to make sure mine measures up.
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    Anonymous Tina said...

    Hey -- Good plan. You'll be glad you did so. It looks great, and I love the yarn you chose. Also, I have that duvet cover!

    4:18 PM

    Anonymous Meredith said...

    What yarn is that your using? I love it! I am thinking about making this sweater next!

    10:18 AM

    Blogger Miss Mildred said...

    Thanks for the encouragement. I need it.
    On the Ikea duvet thing, I just got another bright green one from there, look for it in future Forecast updates.
    By the way does anyone ever wear this cardigan not totally buttoned up?

    11:38 AM

    Blogger Miss Mildred said...

    I used the Araucania Nature wool. Be prepared though, the gauge is not right and you will probably have to make a larger size. be sure to swatch.
    Good luck!

    11:36 AM


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