Tuesday, January 09, 2007

forecast chart

I've just started my forecast in Cascade 220 (highland green I think). I cast on yesterday and have finished the neck band and am about to start the yoke. I'm a bit paranoid about doing the chart wrong so wanted to ask for some help! Are the blank squares 'knit'? and are the purl rows charted or not? Can someone clarify this? thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I know what you mean. This is the explanation I posted in October, as I'd had the same problem.......For anyone else attempting this and confused about the cable chart, it shows right and wrong-side rows, beginning with a right-side row (row 17). On all the right-side rows the plain squares on the chart are knitted and on the wrong-side rows all the stitches are purled, right across the chart and the whole length of the row. It doesn't matter which way you read the chart, left to right or vice-versa, as long as you are consistent on the actual cable row. I started the chart from the bottom.

12:56 PM

Blogger Atia said...

thanks a lot alice :) i'm on the second repeat now and I love it already!

11:23 AM


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