Wednesday, April 04, 2007

take two

Hi Forecasters! This is my second time casting on for Forecast. Last year I made this version for myself, and it's gotten plenty of wear through the freezing New York winter. Around Christmas time, I visited family and friends in Portland, Oregon, and my mom requested a Forecast of her very own. At first, she asked for a chocolate brown Forecast, but after some discussion, we settled on something with a little more color (although I do love chocolate brown). I bought a bunch of the above pictured Shetland Aran from elann, and now I'm finally ready to roll! The yarn color is more accurate in the picture below. It's very beautiful in person- kind of a warm brick color with flecks of deep purple, sun yellow, brown and orange. Now, my mom is built a bit differently from me, but I'll still be knitting according to the size small instructions and following the mods I made on my own Forecast, plus a few other changes. Mom wore mine comfortably, but has a shorter torso than me and slightly broader shoulders, so I'll account for those differences as I knit. I hope to be finished with her Mom's Forecast by the time I head to Portland again late in May.... I'll keep you posted!


Blogger Mel said...

I'm looking forward to watching your Forecast progress as I just started my first...I thought about joining this KAL but wasn't sure if it was really active anymore.

I like that!

7:05 PM


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