Friday, May 25, 2007

Almost Over

I know I could probably wait and post this as a "final" post with pictures of it blocked and being modeled by moi, but I just finished it last night and before I get it all wet and stretched out I just had to show it off!

I had so much school work to get done a few weeks ago and had to put Forecast on hold, so this first week of my Summer home I decided to make up for lost time. Originally I was going to buy the buttons today, but looking through my mom's button box(she is a sewer/quilter) I found eight buttons that were just perfect. who needs ten buttons, anyway?

a really bad picture of the back view and a good closeup of the buttons have been posted at my blog. hopefully I will have pics of me wearing it in the near future!


Blogger SJ said...

Congratulations on finishing! It looks wonderful -- what a great color! I'm off to go get a better look at the buttons ...

5:10 AM


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