Friday, May 25, 2007

ta da!

Just in time to catch the last cool days of spring...

(click photo to make it a little bigger)
This ended up as one dense sweater. But I love it! My yarn was a heavy worsted wool from a farmer's market. It's bulkier, stiffer, and more rustic-feeling than the Cascade 220.

I departed from the pattern in a number of ways. Minor modifications included knitting every row instead of purling, switching to a horseshoe cable, and adjusting for gauge, size, etc. The more significant modification is that I did a short-row button band that only buttons up the bottom half of the sweater. I go into a bit more detail on my blog, but basically the pattern's strategy of making large decreases below the bust wasn't necessary for someone with a less curvy figure, like me. Since I didn't feel like reknitting the body, I started experimenting with an asymmetrical button band. And this is what I ended up with!

My main concern with the finished sweater is that my collar ended up very, very weird. I have no idea why it angles out instead of in. It was hard to see how it was going to lay until I'd already finished a good part of the yoke, and I was hopeful that I could block it to lay at a different angle. No such luck. At some point I plan to cut it off and replace it.

It's been very helpful to read about all of your experiences with this sweater. Thanks!


Blogger rachel iufer said...

your sweater is beautiful! i love the way you only put buttons on the bottom half, it's very flattering. excellent job!

12:14 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree that your mods make for a very flattering sweater. the color looks great on you, too!

1:59 PM

Blogger Octopus Knits said...

Lovely! I really like your modifications and the color you chose.

5:12 PM

Blogger Mel said...

Wow! great modifications! It's beautiful and your individuality is inspiring.

7:11 PM

Blogger SJ said...

Fantastic job! Honestly, I thought you intended for the collar to be a little different (a little more mod, could we say?) until I read what you wrote. It looks great!

5:09 AM


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