Sunday, March 12, 2006

First post: Confessions of a cable virgin

Hi, I'm The Skirt from Singleskirtedly, and I'm a cable virgin.

Jess from Fig and Plum inspired me to add Forecast to my must-knit list, and I bought the wool and began over the weekend.

I'm using Jo Sharp wool in a deep aubergine, and the collar (all I've managed so far) looks great. (I'll post a pic next post when I have a little more to be proud of!)

Since I've finished the first 16 rows I'm keen to get started on the pattern proper.

Therein lies my problem. I'm a cable virgin. Advice please? How do I knit those 9 pesky cable stitches?


Blogger String Bean said...

Read the cable notes a few times and do a swatch of the cable before you work on a cable in your sweater.

On one cable pattern, both of the cables that make it up go in opposite directions. To make this easier to follow, fill in the slanted bit (which represents the cable cross-over) on the chart with a highlighter and then fill in the corresponding cable in the key with the same color. Do this with the other cable, too, but in a different color.
Doing this makes the chart MUCH easier to follow. Color code is a wonderful thing.

12:18 PM


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