Friday, April 14, 2006

So sad

I'm several inches in...only 6 rows from the "divide for shoulders/body" section, and I'm concerned. I decided against bobbles, hoping that the cables would be enough, but now I'm having second thoughts. Please make me feel better!! I don't want to rip this out, but I don't want to be disappointed everytime I look at it, either. Is it enough? Do I need bobbles? Even just 3-stitch bobbles? Crap. :(


Blogger jenknits said...

heidi, looks to me like maybe you knit the cable chart on every other row? your cables look kinda long...maybe that's why they look weird to you. You should have 4 or five cables when you get to the armpit divide depending on what size you're making. if you can live with it then keep going...if not, frog'll be happier in the end.

I wasn't sure about the bobbles at first either, but they do grow on you. I can see where they're going to get tedious but I think the end result will be worth it.

10:03 PM

Blogger Cirilia said...

They do look long, but in a nice sinuous way, if that makes sense. The constrast of that with the garter stitch is nice. It's so hard to judge the overall impact a cable pattern will have from just a bit of it, isn't it?

6:45 AM

Blogger dlittlegarden said...

I like that look! I agree with Cirilia. It's a nice contrast.

11:45 AM

Blogger knittinmomof2 (Heidi) said...

I DID do the chart every other I reading the instructions wrong?!? The WS rows say "sl 1, P to end" so that's what I did, and the RS rows specifically say to WC9, so that's when I followed the chart. crap crap crap. Guess I'm frogging :(

12:34 PM

Blogger Erin said...

I read the cable chart wrong too when I started because I thought the same way you did. I frogged but I was only one cable repeat into it. I don't think yours looks bad though. I think you could keep it if it doesn't bug you.

12:33 PM

Blogger String Bean said...

I say go with the bobbles. Towards the end they'll drive you mad, but it's worth it. They add great texture.

2:28 PM


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