Wednesday, November 15, 2006

7 days and my fingers ache

Hi Guys! I'm new here...Thanks Christina, for allowing me to join the fun!

Enough of that, and now, on to my progress with Forecast! Here she is after a couple of days:

and after 7:

Why is it going so fast, you ask? Because I'm an IDIOT and I'm knitting the cable chart incorrectly. Maaan, even with help from Julia, I'm STILL doing it wrong. Can you tell? Not enough bobbles. Not enough cabeling. I even thought to myself "why do people keep complaining about the bobbles, theyre not that bad" and "this cable pattern repeat should be a little shorter, I'm should email Stefanie and let her know". Hello!! Red Flag!!

But you know what? Ooh well. I apply the same rule that I applied to my wedding day "no one else is going to realize that it was supposed to be there". Except you guys, of course, so do me a favor and "ssshhh". Our little secret, k?

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