Thursday, November 16, 2006

A sleeve.

Now you see it...

Now you don't.

Frogged. Two night's work, gone while I listen to the breakfast news. It was a good inch too baggy, and after much um-ing and er-ing I decided if it's worth doing, it's worth making it fit.

Still. Very annoying


Blogger Cristina said...

I would love to hear more detail on this. I'm about to start knitting the sleeves, but i want to avoid any mistakes. I'm knitting the smallest size and will be doing pinkus mods (ribbing starting at the elbow). how much do you plan to decrease? have you tried on the body yet, how does it fit? (Mine is a little on the tight side, it stretches nicely).

9:43 AM

Blogger littlecindy said...

i modded the pattern so that when making increases in the yoke for the sleeves i did fewer than for the body. but even after doing that, my sleeves were still too big for my tastes. i decreased a stitches just after the armholes when starting to knit the sleeves. when you look at the garment flat it looks a tad funny, but when it's on it's not noticeable.

10:49 AM


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