Monday, April 30, 2007

First Forecast, and First Sweater Ever!

So exciting for me! I started last Saturday. Forecast went pretty fast at first, but the double-pointed needles slow me down a bit. in this picture I've done a little work on one sleeve after finishing the body, but now I'm already almost done with that sleeve.

Like most people, I'm doing 3-stitch bobbles. I'm starting the ribbing on the arm sooner, but after the elbow instead of before. I also omitted the reverse stockinette bands at the bottom of the sweater and its sleeves, and hopefully I can make the sleeves extra-long :)

This is in Cascade 220 #8415/Burgundy. I love the color and the texture! the pattern has also been really easy to understand so far, for someone like me who has never knitted a sweater before.

I have a blog although there's really only one more picture of the sweater on there, close-up, and a little more of me blabbing on about it all.

thanks for adding me to this KAL!


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