Friday, December 01, 2006

Forecast newbie

Hi everyone. This is my first post to this KAL. I started Forecast about a week and a half ago. I'm now at the seemingless endless yoke. Only a few rows to go before I get to the underarm join, but boy do these rows take a long time!! Has everyone found that the pattern is accurate with this shaping, or have others added extra rows to the yoke?

Here's a shot of my progress. Sorry for the brightness of this - daylight is hard to come by!

I'm using the called-for Cascade 220 tweed in a dark purple. I love the color, but my bamboo circulars are turning purple and my fingers were purple after a long knitting session on Wednesday night. I guess this sucker's gonna need a good wet blocking.

I'm doing the popular mods to this one - 3 stitch bobble, and I plan to start the ribbing at the elbow. I'll post progress here, but also over at my blog. I'm glad to have joined the fun!


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